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Tide pod challenge: Teens 'eat' detergent pods, post videos online

6 days ago Eating laundry detergent pods could land you in the emergency room.

Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod Challenge

5 days ago A government watchdog is expressing concern over the dangerous misuse of a laundry detergent. In this latest social media fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouths in what's being called the "Tide Pod Challenge." Ingredients in the pods include ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and polymers

Tide | Tide Pod Challenge: Andrew Hales (LAHWF) and the - Coub

25 Oct 2016 Tide | Tide Pod Challenge: Andrew Hales (LAHWF) and the Smoothie Park Prank - Coub - GIFs with sound by OneRadRoach.

Do Not Do The 'Tide Pod Challenge' And Put Detergent In Your Mouth

5 days ago (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan). When people say clean up mouth, this is not what they mean. But apparently teens are now taking the Tide Pod Challenge, which is putting individual laundry detergent packets in their mouths and posting videos of doing so online. Here is a CBS Los Angeles report on this trend:

Tide pod challenge: Teenagers are risking death to film themselves

5 days ago Called the “Tide Pod Challenge,” the new viral trend sees teens filming themselves while they attempt to eat Tide laundry detergent pods, before challenging others to do the same - and the videos are horrifying and dangerous. According to reports, the challenge was originally featured as a joke in The

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